Custody & Visitation

In New Jersey, child custody is determined by examining what is in the best interest of the child. In contested family law cases involving children, a judge will decide what is in the best interest of the children for purposes of child custody and visitation. We have over 30 years of experience in divorce and family law in New Jersey, including handling child custody and visitation matters. Located in Hackensack and representing mothers and fathers throughout New Jersey, the law firm of Joseph L. Nackson, Attorney at Law believes you are in the best position to know what is best for your children. That is why we cooperate with our clients to work out a child custody and visitation schedule that is appropriate to everyone. In those situations where child custody and visitation cannot be agreed upon, we will aggressively fight to achieve your goals.

Our mission is to ensure you have the information necessary to make informed decisions. For additional information about us and the benefits of retaining our services, please visit our Firm Overview. For a free initial phone consultation to discuss your child support or alimony matter with Hackensack family law attorney Joe Nackson, please call us at 201-342-5000.

Experienced Child Custody and Visitation Lawyer

We have extensive experience — over 30 years — handling child support and visitation matters, including the following:

  • Legal child custody — including advocating in legal custody disputes, or drafting or reviewing legal custody agreements
  • Physical child custody — including advocating in physical custody disputes, or drafting or reviewing physical custody agreements
  • Joint custody — including joint legal custody and joint physical custody
  • Sole custody — including sole legal custody and sole physical custody
  • Visitation — sometimes called parenting time, we can assist in setting up a workable visitation schedule or advocating for you in a dispute
  • Child custody modifications — including relocation issues (move-away) or child safety issues
  • Child custody and visitation enforcement — including failure of your ex-spouse to follow a child custody or visitation order

Child custody and parenting time issues can affect child support obligations. Consult an experienced lawyer if you think a change in your custody arrangement should also mean a change in child support.