Division of Property & Assets

The division of property (assets and debts) can be one of the most complex areas in family law. Typically, there are two issues that must be resolved:

  • Classification issues — is it marital property?
  • Valuation issues — how much is it worth?

Located in Hackensack, NJ, the law firm of Joseph L. Nackson, Attorney at Law, can assist you in answering these questions. Regarding valuation issues, we have an extensive network of professionals and experts that we have cultivated over 30 years to assist you.

We put our 30 years of experience in divorce and family law, including issues regarding the unbiased distribution of property, to work for you.

For additional information about us and the benefits of retaining our services, please visit our Firm Overview. For a free initial phone consultation to discuss your equitable distribution of property matter with Hackensack, NJ family law attorney Joe Nackson, please call us at 201-342-5000.

Classification Issues Included in the Equitable Distribution of Property

Classification issues arise when trying to decide if an asset or debt is a marital property or not. The issue becomes more complicated when marital property is commingled with non-marital property. For example, if you owned a home going into a marriage, but then used marital assets to make improvements on the home, it may have become marital property. We can help you address these types of issues, and more. Contact us today for a free initial phone consultation.

Valuation Issues Included in the Equitable Distribution of Property

Valuation issues can be extremely complex, especially when looking at certain assets such as stock options, the value of a business or professional practice, and retirement plans or collectibles.

We work with experts and specialists to determine the value of certain assets. Our goal is to ensure your interests are protected and that you receive an unbiased share of all marital assets.