Client Testimonials & Success Stories

Success Stories

Our client was left in comfortable circumstances upon the passing of her husband. Unfortunately, in her early nineties, she had fallen in her Florida home and was brought to New Jersey for “rehabilitation”, by her step-daughter. Within a little over a year, the step-daughter had taken almost $600,000, virtually all of her remaining funds. After a five day trial, a six figure recovery was obtained, enabling the client to live out her remaining days in comfort and dignity.

The client was divorced in another state and negotiated a settlement wherein he shared 50-50 custody of his two children. He feared that his former wife would renege on their agreement when she moved to New Jersey. His worst nightmare could not approach what was to occur. Upon relocation, he was unable to obtain employment and temporarily resided with his parents. His former wife then filed to greatly reduce his custody. While that matter was pending, a Domestic Violence Complaint was filed against him, which required him to leave his temporary home. His former spouse then brought an emergency Order to Show Cause, temporarily ending all visitation. The matter resembled the “perfect storm.” First, the Restraining Order was resolved in the client’s favor. Next, an appropriate response was drafted and filed with the Court. The client was able to prevail against the emergency action and reinstate visitation, based upon the original schedule. Finally, the attempt to change the visitation schedule was defeated.

Our client was divorced from her husband and funds were held in escrow from the sale of the former marital home. She needed the funds, but her former husband wanted them as well. After a one day hearing, our client was awarded all of the money.

Our firm obtained an injunction against a corporate election, which sought the elimination of the client’s (a minority shareholder) position, and achieved a purchase of his interest at a figure several times larger than the majority shareholder's original "squeeze out" offer.

Our client went from painting Bergen County houses to renovating lobbies and hallways in some of the largest Manhattan residential buildings. Our office acted as the contract review attorney for over one hundred transactions, often involving sixty page contracts and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Not one transaction resulted in major litigation.

Another lawyer sent his client to us for trial. The client had agreed to pay permanent alimony in his divorce settlement, but had now retired and wished to terminate his payments. During settlement discussions with the referring attorney, the Judge indicated that this might be a case for a reduction, but not termination. After a two day trial, the Court terminated the alimony obligation.

In a breach of contract action against a medical office, brought by one of the largest firms in this state, our client was one of the physicians - the lawsuit, with a settlement demand in the high six-figures, was resolved with the client for a paying a nominal amount, significantly less than the trial would have cost.

In a Federal matter, involving a damage claim to a commercial building which the insurance carrier declined to settle because of suspected, but unproven, involvement by the client, was settled after jury selection, for a figure in excess of $500,000.

In a Chancery matter with two separate trials, first for insurance coverage, and then for damages, a six-figure verdict was obtained against one of the largest New Jersey commercial landlords and defended through a favorable holding by the Appellate Division, and the State Supreme Court.

Represented the defendant in one of North Jersey's most well-known double murder and conspiracy cases. Past success is no guaranty of similar results on new matters. Not every case can or should proceed to trial. In fact, almost all cases are settled. But it is very reassuring to clients that their attorney is fully capable of trying a matter when circumstances require.

Why You Should Choose Us

While we believe there are numerous reasons why we are more than qualified to represent you in your legal matter, we offer the following:

We have over 25 years of experience handling transactional and litigation matters. Our experience means we understand the legal process, the law, and how to handle negotiations and prepare for trial.

We prepare all disputes as if they are going to trial. We believe our aggressive approach to litigation and dispute resolution and our successful track record are well-known among insurance companies and other law firms and therefore lead to better settlement offers.

In addition to his trial and business transaction experience, attorney Joe Nackson is a former adjunct professor in business law and has taught Continuing Legal Education classes to attorneys, judges and other legal professionals.

While Mr. Nackson's experience may bring in you in the door, it is the personal service and attention that will keep you as a client and have you referring friends and family to us. He takes the time to explain the law, the legal process and your options to you so you are in a position to make an informed decision.

Whether you need an estate probated, a divorce or family law advice, or have a business dispute, you will feel confident in the information and advice you receive, as well as the legal representation from an attorney who is committed to achieving the results you want.

In addition to our experience and personal service, we are dedicated to our clients. We take a global approach to resolving client issues. If we do not feel we have the experience and expertise to handle a particular matter, we will either refer you to another attorney or engage a lawyer with the background and knowledge to best handle your legal matter.

Over the past 25 years, we have cultivated an extensive network of experts, specialists and professionals to call upon. We strive to be the law firm you contact no matter what your legal problem entails. Our goal is build your confidence and trust in us.